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Why Choose Mr Jassar

Why You Should Choose Mr Jassar For Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

Expert Rhinoplasty Surgeon

I have specialised in Rhinoplasty Surgery since my appointment as a Consultant Surgeon in 2005. My experience and reputation -  having carried out over 1000 procedures - means I often receive referrals from colleagues for both primary and revision cases (where they felt the result was suboptimal after the initial procedure). 



1 - A Specialist Practice Focused on Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the only 'cosmetic' procedure I carry out. This focused practice, spanning more than a decade, has enabled me to build up in-depth knowledge, experience and understanding of this most difficult of plastic surgery procedures.


2 - A Natural Looking Nose

No two rhinoplasties are the same. An “operated, overdone look” can result if the “one-operation-fits-all” approach is taken. My approach has always been to tailor the rhinoplasty procedure to your features and wishes in order achieve a result that enhances your appearance in a harmonious way, whilst delivering the results you want.


3 - Excellent Surgical Results

Careful analysis and surgery performed in precise steps form the foundation of my approach, and together with my years of experience in cosmetic surgery focussed solely on Rhinoplasty, allow me to deliver consistently good results.



4 - Safety Comes First

Every step of your rhinoplasty journey, from preparing for the operation to surgery and the aftercare you receive is focused on safety


5 - Nose Form and Function

As an ENT Surgeon, I am highly qualified and experienced at optimising the important functional as well as the cosmetic aspects of nasal surgery. Both are integrated together in my approach to surgery. A nose must both look great and function well.


6 - Empowerment

You are actively involved in your treatment from start to finish. You will be fully involved with the operative plan that is based on my analysis of your nose and facial features, together with your wishes and requirements. 


7 - Affordability

The hospital will provide you with an “inclusive care” plan that covers your treatment including the hospital costs, the anaesthetic fee and the surgery fee. The prices are clear and provide excellent value for money. If you wish the hospital can also provide you with a payment plan to assist in making payment more affordable.

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