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D H North Lincolnshire

I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude to you for my recent surgery and to offer a review of my experience:

 Since my teenage years, my wonky nose severely affected my confidence to the point that it affected my behaviour around other people. I used to be extremely self-conscious when meeting new people and hated having my photo taken. Despite this, my fear of having surgery to correct my nose was always successful in overruling my concerns about the way I looked; it seemed a frivolous, risky thing to do for something seemingly ‘cosmetic’.

However last year, I became aware of Mr Jassar’s work; a friend of mine had undergone surgery with him and had showcased astonishing results. When I had my first consultation, it was clear that he took great care to understand my wishes and emphasised the need to achieve a natural, realistic outcome; this was evident in the photographs of his previous clients. Armed with this knowledge, I made the decision to proceed with the surgery.

On the day of the surgery, I was petrified to say the least! My fear was soon allayed however by Mr Jassar’s calm, reassuring manner and by the excellent staff at Spire, Hull. From the Healthcare Assistant to the Consultant Anaesthetist, each member of staff was overwhelmingly professional and kind. When I awoke from the surgery I had some pain and nausea, but this was quickly resolved by the fantastic nursing staff who took great care of me that day and overnight.

 I am now just over three weeks post-surgery and am already thrilled with the results. I still have some swelling, but the appearance is better than I could have ever hoped for. My breathing is almost fully back to normal and there is no discomfort. Family and friends who don’t know I have had the surgery don’t seem to have noticed, yet to me the difference is blindingly obvious – this is exactly the result I had hoped for and reflects Mr Jassar’s skill and artistry. I cannot thank Mr Jassar and his team enough for my surgery and the outcome and would recommend his services to anybody considering surgery with him.

GM Yorkshire

My nose was left very crooked after breaking it playing rugby. I also found it difficult to breathe through. Mr Jassar was recommended to me as he could deal with both issues. I found Mr Jassar very friendly and approachable, and felt very confident in his skills as a surgeon. The operation went really well with only a little bit of pain and bruising, and my nose is now straight but I can alo breathe through it perfectly. I would really recommend Mr Jassar to anyone thinking of having their nose operated on.


I have always hated my nose and when I had saved up enough money I decided to do something about it. and went to see Mr Jassar. He put me at ease and answered all my questions. I am delighted with my result and feel so much happier. My nose is exactly what I wanted - it suits my face as well and doesn't look fake. I  would definitely recommend Mr Jassar to anyone who is thinking of getting a nose job and I couldn't be happier with my result.

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