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I am extremely fortunate to have found a surgeon who made me feel comfortable, supported me and was there to assure me throughout my journey.

I was nervous and unsure if I was brave enough to finally commit to a surgery that would either make the biggest insecurity disappear or quite possibly make it worse. The amount of negative reviews I had read and the programmes I had watched where surgeons had to rectify botched surgeries had given me cold feet and a very off-putting outlook on going through with it. However, I left my first consultation with a very different attitude and feeling very positive about the whole process. Patrick completely put me at ease and was able to explain to me exactly how he could improve my nose to match my build and facial features. His knowledge absolutely floored me and also confirmed that if I was ever going to have a rhinoplasty, I had found the right surgeon for me. His calm and relaxed approach was very welcoming, and I felt no pressure at all was put on me to actually make a final decision. I really trusted Patrick could help me and give me a nose that suited me, looked natural and that I would be extremely happy with.

Finally, after 8 years of being unhappy with my nose I committed to the surgery I hoped would change my life and give me that little bit of extra confidence that I lacked.

On the day of surgery, I arrived at the hospital feeling extremely excited, if not a little emotional as I’d waited for this for a long 8 years. Before surgery Patrick made sure I was happy to still go through with my rhinoplasty and also spoke about the changes he was making to my nose. I was fully briefed on what to expect after surgery and felt fully equipped to make sure my recovery ran as smooth as possible. At last, it was time for my surgery and the emotions I felt ranged from nervous to excited, from relieved to happy. Although some people may not see this as a big deal, to me it was massive and such a big change I was ready for in my life. 

After 10 days of a little bit of bruising, lots of swelling, plenty of breathing through my mouth and absolutely horrendously loud snoring, I finally had my bandage off my nose and my stiches out. Despite the swelling, I knew I had done the right thing, and even preferred my swollen, bruised nose to my old nose. It was real confirmation for me that Patrick was a genius and I was over the moon I had found such an incredible surgeon.

I am now 9 weeks from my surgery, and although I still have a long journey left ahead of me until I see my complete result, I really couldn’t be happier. It is honestly the best decision I have made, and furthermore I cannot recommend Patrick enough to anyone who is considering rhinoplasty.

I really do wish when I was doing my research, I had more positive reviews and recommendations, because unfortunately, people who have had bad experiences are usually the ones who shout loudest about it. This time, I like to be the person who shouts loudest about the most amazing experience I had and hope this makes anyone considering a rhinoplasty to go for it and be able to feel assured, Patrick will look after you, will make you feel good about the experience, and most importantly, give you a nose that not only complements you, but brings out your best, confident you.

I owe the biggest thanks to Mr Patrick Jassar.

R C Bradford

Thank you for doing an amazing job! I love my new nose and feel so much happier.

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