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My nose was left very crooked after breaking it playing rugby. I also found it difficult to breathe through. Mr Jassar was recommended to me as he could deal with both issues. I found Mr Jassar very friendly and approachable, and felt very confident in his skills as a surgeon. The operation went really well with only a little bit of pain and bruising, and my nose is now straight but I can alo breathe through it perfectly. I would really recommend Mr Jassar to anyone thinking of having their nose operated on.


I have always hated my nose and when I had saved up enough money I decided to do something about it. and went to see Mr Jassar. He put me at ease and answered all my questions. I am delighted with my result and feel so much happier. My nose is exactly what I wanted - it suits my face as well and doesn't look fake. I  would definitely recommend Mr Jassar to anyone who is thinking of getting a nose job and I couldn't be happier with my result.

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