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Shirley - Lincolnshire

Shirley - Lincolnshire

I approached Mr Jassar because of nasal valve incompetence which was causing breathing difficulties in the day, but a lot more at night when I laid down. Mr Jassar explained everything thoroughly to me and I chose the 'Titanium Breathe Implant' as it was the best option for me. At no time was there any pressure put on me - I went away to think things through before deciding to go ahead.

I am 8 months down the line now since the operation and what a difference the implant has made to me. I can breath so much easier now and an added bonus is that I only snore lightly now and less often (much to my husbands relief!) I must add I didnt have the implant for the snoring it was for the breathing difficulties.

Mr Jassar gave me a lot of confidence in his ability. His overall manner was very professional and reassuring and I would certainly recommend him to others.

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